Berlin Fashion Week gets a little taste of Morocco

Written by Souad El Mghari

What is a fashion week without at least one designer whose collection is inspired by Morocco? For the latest Berlin Fashion Week, it was the label Dimitri that brought in the “Moroccan touch”.

Greek-Italian artist Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos set himself apart from the other designers at the latest Berlin Fashion Week, by presenting a Spring 2016 collection that mixes North African elements with Indian influences. A first for the fashion designer’s label; “Dimitri”, and for its audience.

Be it by adding an impactful piece of silver jewelry, an embroidered vest, an ethnic skirt, or sending down the runway a flowy caftan, the whole collection was full of color and surprises. Described by the website “Style” as a “ little rock-star-in-Marrakech effect”, the whole collection had a boho vibe, that predicts the bohemian trend to go on, for at least one more year.