“Grey’s Anatomy” star Sandra Oh spotted with a Gandoura in Marrakesh

Written by FDM

Actress Sandra Oh, or as most of you may recognize as Dr. Cristina Yang on the American television series “Grey’s Anatomy,” posted a photo of herself on Instagram in a Moroccan Gandoura in Marrakech on May 25.

@noryaayron It was so nice meeting you too. #Boutique #Lovely

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The Canadian actress is currently in Morocco serving as a creative adviser for the “Theatre Lab” organized by the Sundance Institution, an American NGO that works to promote independent cinema internationally.

“Through its initiative in Morocco, the organization aims to support emerging Moroccan artists. The initiative is currently taking place in Marrakech May 8-29”. Says Morocco World News.

“The Sundance Institute Theatre Program advances the work of risk-taking theatre-makers by providing rare developmental opportunities that support artists throughout their careers.”