Gad Elmaleh hangs out with the queen of fashion

Written by Souad El Mghari

As if we couldn’t like him more than we already do. Gad Elmaleh recently posted on his Instagram account a photo of him with the icon and queen of fashion; Diane Von Furstenberg.

“Me and my guardian angel in NYC. Gad bless @dvf #friendsarethefamilyyouchoose” is what the caption on Gad Elmaleh’s Instagram photo of him with the legendary Diane Von Furstenberg read. Now as much as we are delighted that our favorite comedian keeps such fashionable company, we still wonder how these two came to be such close friends?

Maybe it is through his rumored girlfriend, for so many years now; Charlotte Casiraghi, who we all know to be such a style icon, that the Morocco-born Gad got acquainted to DVF; the woman who created the wrap-dress, or maybe he is just cooler than we all thought. Regardless, this is still such a pleasant surprise.

Me and my guardian angel in Nyc.Gad bless @dvf #friendsarethefamilyyouchoose

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Speak English???Thank you Julia!!! Brian is going back in the kitchen.

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