Moroccan weddings as seen by Algerians

Written by FDM

In this TV program, the guest decrypts to Algerian viewers some of the Moroccan wedding traditions. About “the Amariya” she said : “This is not a tradition that belongs to Morocco (…) However, they kept these traditions in Morocco because it is a country where there is a king and a queen”.

“Lila Amaria” is an Algerian wedding master planner. She was a guest on an Algerian TV show were they displayed the trendy custom of “Amariya”, which consists of carrying the bride in a large chair decorated with sparkling pearls and holding her high for a tour around the large guest room.

Although this tradition has been practiced in Moroccan weddings for a long time, Lila insists on it not being of Moroccan origins. “it’s a tradition that is practiced in kingdoms in general, it symbolizes a princess being held, they kept these traditions in Morocco in particular because it is a country where there is a king and a queen”.

She added “ we adopted this tradition in our turn to add value to the bride and make her feel like she is a queen and it’s her day”.

When asked about the music that must accompany the “Amariya” bit, she validated Moroccan music to go with the bride’s Caftan.

In Morocco, as well as other Arab countries, wedding festivities are always a perfect opportunity to bring families together and show the richness of customs and traditions through clothing, art, music or cuisine which is represented via a cocktail of delicious dishes.