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Moroccan caftan in the exhibition of Brighton Museum & Art Gallery in the UK

Written by FDM

The caftan will make yet another international appearance, at the “Fashion cities Africa” exhibition. It will be held at the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery in the UK starting 30 April 2016 to 8 January 2017.

The exhibition celebrates four African cities including Casablanca. Moroccan designer Zhor Raiss and owner of the store “Maison du Caftan” in Casablanca will be representing Morocco with a collection of handmade caftans.

The exposition targets the style choices of individual leaders in fashion of each city from designers and stylists to photographers and bloggers. To prepare for this event the creators and specialists of African Fashion Hannah Azieb Pool and Helen Jennings visited in summer 2015 the four  cities Casablanca in Morocco, Lagos in Nigeria, Nairobi in Kenya and Johannesburg in South Africa to explore their fashion scenes and identify the key players.

As a side note, “Fashion Cities Africa” will be the first major UK exhibition dedicated to contemporary African fashion. Exiting isn’t it?