Caftan 2017: “Hymn to peace” inspires harmony

This 21st edition has put itself at the service of hope by conveying a message embodying harmony and tolerance. A “Hymn to Peace” that has wonderfully inspired the artists who were  invited to the show.

Not only did Caftan 2017 focus on the Moroccan outfit, but it also served noble causes. Sixteen designers projected their vision of a united world free of violence. A challenge taken with brilliance against a backdrop of perfect cuts, pastel shades, white and golden pearls…

Many of them also took the opportunity to pay tribute to the women who most symbolized peace in their eyes. Lady Diana, Mother Theresa, Audrey Hepburn were indirectly present through tiaras, a set of fabrics or colors, a headdress, and accessories.

In order to support this ideal of living together, singers and dancers gave the best of themselves tonight. Chico & the Gypsies, whose leader is also a UNESCO special envoy for peace, Ihab Amir and Khaoula El Moujahid, rising stars of the Moroccan pop-soul, have marked this magnificent show by their beautiful gigs. That’s how it works in Caftan …